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The book presents a selection of succes stories from the EU's sixth Framework Programme for Research. It includes a bigger publication with all the research and the knowledge created by its multi-disciplinary, international research programme. It also describes the work in locations as diverse as the frozen wastes of the Arctic, the depths of the Oceans and the windswept deserts of central Asia.
 The work in disciplines ranging from chemistry to the economy and come from very corner of the EU and  beyond. The projects covered here touch on every aspect of our daily lives from our health, our environment and the food we eat, to the way how we travel and how energy is produced. There will be no solutions to the big societal challenges that Europeans face without further research effort. This publication is but one small example of our efforts to explain and justify why and what we are doing in EU research.

 Research for Europe, a selection of EU success stories. By European Commission, edited by Julia Acevedo Bueno. Printed in Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2008. - 110 pages. 

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